Friday, February 26th

Concepts of Engineering

All files are on Google Classroom.

Think about all of the tools in the Engineering Lab downstairs and consider for a minute how important safety needs to be. Please open and review the Powerpoint. After reviewing the Powerpoint do the following activity:
Safety Poster Activity

Working safely in the classroom is critical. In this activity, you are to examine the classroom and equipment you could be working with and determine what could be safety issues. You will create a poster on a standard piece of typing paper to address how to work safely with classroom equipment, or show how an unsafe action in the classroom could be made safe. You may use a computer to design your poster using word programs, or the poster could be created by hand using materials such as cut outs from paper, colors, markers, or other items to demonstrate the safety issue you want to point out.

1. Decide which safety issue you want to demonstrate so that we are covering many safety areas in the classroom. No two people need to have the same topic.

2. The poster grade will be based on creativity, effectiveness of your safety idea (how clearly the poster demonstrates the safety point you want to demonstrate), neatness, design and layout, being on time, and classroom presentation as outlined in the rubric. (The rubric is on page 8 of the attached .pdf file below)

3. The poster should be your own original work.

You have this period only to work on this.

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